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Our INVISIBLE HEIGHT BOOSTER is the #1 rated in the market ! more then 10,000 people find this product useful !
  1. ADJUSTABLE Heel– 3cm 5cm and 7cm
  2.  high quality material used
  3. comfortable to wear.
  4. free Shipping All Over India



Add 1.2″- 3.5″ inches to your height. Be it your sports shoes, formal or casual shoes, you can insert these in and look remarkably taller. The best part is, our Elevayte insoles remain concealed, such that no one ever knows the secret behind your increased height.


The Elevayte insoles have air cushioned caps which give maximum comfort to your heels and let you feel relaxed all day long. The maximum thickness is also limited to an optimum value just to ensure that it doesn’t make your shoes too tight.

Ideal For Men & Women

Good Shock Absorption Capability

A highlighting feature of these Shoe Lifts from LIFY is that they come equipped with a high-quality air cushion that offers ample shock absorption while walking. The unique pad design provides additional support for your arch as well as the ball of your foot, which makes walking large distances a smooth task.


Breathable Fabric

Walking is an activity that can often lead to sweating of your feet which can be discomforting for everyone. LIFY has designed these insoles using a breathable material that ensures ample circulation of air to keep the moisture from building up, thereby keeping your feet dry. This also helps to keep bad odour away from your feet.

Breathable Fabric

Ideal For Men & Women

LIFY Elevator Increased Insoles Shoe Lifts feature a unisex design which makes them easy to use by both men as well as women. These ergonomic and comfortable insoles fit easily in any type of shoes, be it sneakers, sports shoes, boots etc. These height-adjusting shoe inserts help you look a few inches taller and let you roam in style in public.

Good Shock Absorption Capability


  1. sumit


    Very comfortable and easy to use. Totally recommended.

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  2. Paras

    Must buy. Nice product

    Perfect product to increase the height and improve personality. Makes you visibly tall in seconds. It is comfortable, thickness is absolutely fantastic and quality is perfect. Can be used with high ankle shoe. Altogether it is value for money.

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  3. Rajesh Patel

    Value for money

    Excellent product. Not only increases the height, also gives cushion while walking.

  4. Kunal Arora

    Very Useful

    Very useful for increasing your height.

  5. rahulzion

    Really comfortable

    It’s comfortable and fits well in the shoe. Having options for different height extensions is a good thing. I’m using it in my brogues and nobody has come to know that I’m using extensions for my height which has doubled my confidence.😍👌

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  6. abhijeetthakur

    Great use

    Recommend you if you have flat foot or having pain in heels they are comfortable and adjustable and also it is good for use in gym, recommend to use in sports shoes.

  7. Harsh

    Worthwhile purchase

    I can vouch that it’s the best quality product available in the market. It offers 2.75 inch of extra height who wouldn’t want that? The insoles are extremely soft causing no pain even if we wore it for longer period of time. Easy to use and can be easily adjusted with shoe size of 9 and 10. It is very comfortable and quite sturdy.

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